Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Brilliant. Devious. Child.

Our child.. has declared a few things already.

1. he is brilliant. Somehow, while sleeping, he is able to detect the Exact moments in which i/we will be
a: about to eat.
b: about to try and nap.
c: want to travel somewhere.
in this precise moment, probably determined via some mathematical algorithm of our actions, he will begin squirming and squealing. He isn't even awake just yet, but priming the fuel bubble thing that has to be primed before the motor can Really get started (you know, like on lawn mowers and boats!...)... Then ...he lets loose. When this kid is hungry - this kid is Hungry.

2. he is Devious. Maybe this goes along with his brilliance, but he is already terrorizing his parents by dirtying his diaper, and holding in the rest of his magic yellow excrement until his new diaper has been installed!! Only to let loose more... 3.2 minutes later! And I assure you, we've tried waiting it out to see if there is more inside of him before changing the dirty diaper... it does not matter how long we make him sit in his soiled pants... as soon as there is a new one on... kaboom!

3. He is super cute.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

super cute is an understatement.

and they live to inconvenience you. it gets worse as they get older. but damnit, those kids are totally worth it - the little buggers.