Monday, June 15, 2009

The first weekend!

The Topp grand-parental unit came to town on Saturday for a visit

We failed at taking many pictures, and apparently the one i did take turned out blurry... oops.
Grandparents are wonderful. My mom was here for our first diaper EXPLOSION. ...we ended up just giving Ben a bath.. it was gross.

Last night Drew came over with some MEAT and grilled for us.
He's one of Ben's favorite uncles. And whaddya know but while we were grilling, Maria showed up with a pan of uncooked lasagna for us to put together for...tonight maybe?? Are you coming over, Maria?
Benjamin likes being outside... next to plants...

Luda does too...
Don't worry Luda, we'll still take tons of pictures of you, too...

Especially when you do super cute things like this:

Brooke Jordan and Logan came over last night Too!!!
Logan likes saying "baby"

He also struggles keeping his pants up (boys and their lack of butt...) and sometimes ends up with his hand down there...

All in all, things are going great!
Ben even slept ...a good portion of the night last night. He was only up twice. :)

We're ...learning... its a sharp curve... he went through 3 outfits by 10am today...

More later, folks!!

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