Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Whargarbargl! (yep, a Jared post!)

Well, we just got a new car. It is really nice - a Honda CRV with a bunch of neat accessories. And...well, now it is not quite as nice. We got rear ended at a stop light, and, the first thing we thought of was our little master of worlds (the future, folks, in the future). He is ok, but the other car is not, which is why the CRV got 5 star safety ratings!

(also to note: it was entirely the other person's fault...we were stopped at a red light when KABAAM!... so Yay for everything getting fixxxed for free!)

hjlijopmgjogijoagj; I WANT TO GO OUTSIDE!!!! ARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!! WE NEED EXERCISE!!!! otherwise...we are going to eat human flesh...and, whereas, 500 years ago, or even 100 years ago, that was ok and all, and we were able to get away with it - have it blamed on vampires or some other such nonsense. Really, all I want to do is punch, and throw rocks into the upper atmosphere so fast that they burn up leaving the atmosphere. All Kim wants to do is bicycle at escape velocity, orbit once around the Moon and then come back - just some light exercise, that's all. We haven't been able to get a really good workout in a while - conference, baby, car crashes - madness, I say, MADNESS!

We should get one of these. I always see them advertised in science magazines, but have no idea how you would look using this crazy whatcha fangled contraption...

In the meantime, we did go bowling, and carrying around a baby everywhere gives me some arm exercise.

This is bowling form Alpha, for those of you not familiar with space-age bowling nomenclature...

We all took turns helping Isis bowl...

I was her favorite

This is the Destroyer of Worlds. These pictures will ensure we do not get thrown into the Maw of Carcatsits, who digests you into alternate dimensions - randomly selected by dice roll.

I have no idea what exactly this image is, but it feature 7,2% beer and a polar bear! What's not to like? I found it whilst performing a google image search for "interdimensional digestion."

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