Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The things we Do.

Jared went away to a conference this past weekend and I headed home to Illinois with Benjamin. It was a good trip, but along the 4 and a half hour drive (vs the usual 3.5 hour thanks to detours + feeding ben + slow Iowa drivers) I realized that... kids/babies get us to do things that we never imagined we would do. In fact, things in general that we Love dearly get us to do what we never imagined we would do or would be able to do.
The number of poopy diapers, for example. I never imagined I would change so many, and I am well aware that there are many many many many more to come in the future. Never thought I'd get spit up on every other day (i'm sure that will happen more and more, and ...even more frequently!). Never actually believed that I would be peed at. Hell, I never imagined birthing a child at all! Whew!
On the drive home, because of the detours... There came a point where Ben woke up! ...The plan was to feed him Right before I left and he would sleep alll the way to Illinois, 3.5 hours. This is usually his limit, so it should work perfectly! But as mentioned before, the detours..... So 40 miles from the Rock Falls exit and ... 30miles from Anything behind me... I did what I never imagined I would do. I pulled off to the side of the road as the sun was setting, and fed little Benjamin. Me... the "we're not stopping just because you have to pee - drive 10mph faster and we'll get there so you can pee!" Which brings up another thing I would rarely ever do before.... drive the speed limit! Typically, I would be going 80ish in a 70... not 72. ...Alas, with my fragile kids on board (Luda came, too) ...
Maybe these seem like small things...but I think they're just the beginning of us doing things for little Ben that we never, as individuals, thought we would do - and not even thinking twice (and most definitely not regretting it!).


Miss Kris with Mr. Ben

benjamin's new (latest) blankie!!! :)

Why people love going to dinner with us...(we're fun...)

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Cycle Ninja said...

The beer in that kid's lap explains why you get spit up on regularly.

Cycling's going well, but I need you to kick my tail again.

Much love.