Wednesday, June 10, 2009


teaser photos:

WOW! It finally happened! At 1340 hours on June 10 in the year 2009, Benjamin Atom Mike burst from his juicy entombment (kim: jared, that's gross) to join the rest of us here in the troposphere. It all started 9 months ago when... well, you get the picture. Anyway, 9 months later, at 1800 hours on June 9, contractions began. By 0230 hours we were in the hospital where Kim got some drugs injected into her epidural space about 2 hours (kim: it felt much more like 1,000 and i think actually was closer to 3) later.

It took a while, but with the aid of IV pitocin and epidural drugs, Kim laughed out a baby in what seemed like 10 mins. I don't really know. I felt like I was moving at the speed of light, and due to relativistic effects and the lack of any reference clocks, I can't really claim any accurate time recording abilities. As such, I was also unable to determine how fast I was going either, but at least I knew where I was.

For those of you who have not spawned, I really cannot say what it was like other than it was probably the single most amazing, life defining, inexplicably confounding and awakening moment in my entire life. It was also gross. Very gross. Oh well.

So now...we have a beautiful baby boy. We love him (and each other ;) ) so very, very much, and it has been an astounding day. Next comes the hard part. We'll start racking up his charges now and hand him a bill when he's 18.

This is just a taste of the experience, we'll blog more when Kim's legs aren't still numb and we're not so exhausted.


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Cycle Ninja said...

Kim, you need to uninstall that Thesaurus Jared's been using...

Much love.