Friday, July 3, 2009

6 hours of eating time.

Holy Buckets.
Can you believe it? Time is simply flying. Before we know it, we will be out visiting Ohio, and right after knowing that we will be knowing that school is about to start again and (errr and i think i still need to register for a few classes...) and of course right after that comes Christmas and...

We have gotten more and more accustomed to Ben's routine (because its all about the Benjamins!...). Many women will claim to you that the "Boppy" pillow demonstrated here:

is a woman's best breastfeeding friend... I have to beg to differ... no friends... no. Wii's Mario Kart

is a woman's best breastfeeding friend.
Some quick math may help explain.
The feeding process takes about a half hour, depending on whether or not he started out screaming or relatively happy. Whether or not he decides to burp right away or take 10 minutes. The time is also highly dependent on Benjamin falling asleep while eating...that tends to slow things down for obvious reasons. SO ...lets just say it is a 45 minute process each time. Benjamin, on average, eats every 3 (though we are beginning to see closer to 4 hours at night!) hours which makes for 8 feedings a day and 8 x 45 minutes = 6 hours of eating time.

Sure, a pillow...a pillow is a comfortable friend... but how unbearably boring are comfortable friends!?!? In this household we prefer the friends who keep us screaming profanity, the ones who challenge us at every rainbow road!! And lets be honest, 6 hours of feeding makes for 6 hours of nintendo playing opportunity...something I haven't had since my cousins and I would sneak down stairs after we thought our parents were asleep (stepping along the sides of the stairs so as not to make them creek!) to play Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

**as a disclaimer, the time isn't ALL spent playing nintendo. Often freelance work is getting done on the computer or blog posts are being written - and i've even cleaned up a spilt beverage that was tossed across the living room via Luda's tail! ..yeah, all while Benjamin was eating!

for your photo indulgence:
Ludacris now and then is allowed onto the couch for some attention. If you notice, in this photo, he lies on the couch like many a MAN would... on his back with his legs spread wide... *shakes head* He likes laying by Ben's feet :)

Myself and Luda took Ben for a walk to the Ames municipal band ...thing. It is only a few blocks down the street at the bandshell.

He was being intellectually stimulated.

I think he likes walks.


Kris said...

i love the math and i LOVE the pictures.

One of my favorite posts so far...

Cycle Ninja said...

What, specifically does Luda lay on the couch?

Oh, wait, you mean he LIES on the couch. $%@#$ graphics majors...

Take care.

Its dangerous business walking... said...

we just make things look pretty, Paul.. we don't write good!

Anonymous said...

Love your photos the most. They say tons. You and onesmalldog are equal contenders for sweet, gorgeous baby pics provoking rich emotions.

Thanks for sharing!

anand jay said...

ah hahahahahahahaha