Sunday, April 26, 2009

Roll Out!

We have had it for a while now, but haven't had/taken the time to do a proper "thank you!"
Jared's dad and Rhonda sent it to us via wal mart in-store shipping/pickup.
So we...picked it up.
And after a short put-together-adventure, it was a full-out ride!

...It doesn't yet have its roll cage or engine, but...
in time.
In Time.



In other news:
Madeline now features red handle bar tape

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Good Man

Jared and I rode our bikes to school...
but it was a 25mph headwind and...
I ride jared's mountain bike while he rides the fixed gear.
Since I don't trust him on it yet, I insist on carrying my school bag myself (if he falls... it means my laptop falls... and you don't want to hear the [agonizing] screams of a graphic designer with a laptop in peril...).
Safe to say: the ride tuesday was hard! Almost too hard! I swore off riding to school the rest of the semester (errr 2 and a half weeks...)

The road construction in front of our house

meant we had to ride to school.
It was an amazing 55 degrees and sunny by 8am, too.
This time, I let Jared carry my bag in the basket of Madeline (the fixed gear)
and the whole way to school... he let me ride in front of him so he didn't go too fast.
What a Good Good man.

Although... I think part of it is that he just likes the view from behind..... :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Speaking of Gifts

exhibit a:
kim's belly. (to appease erica, angie, amie, and anyone else who was wondering but was too shy to ask...)

exhibit b:
kim, 32weeks pregnant, still pretending she could do cyclocross... before riding to school.
Also featured: our fire pit!!!!

exhibit c:
Creature on the freezer

exhibit d:
Luda outside on the Freak blizzard day - the day following was 52 degrees and the snow was Gone.

exhibit e:
Kim trying to put on her shoes...


An extra gift idea for the Shower:

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Shower and Things!

Our apologies for the lack of blog posts (we know you've missed them!).
Things have been amazingly busy, yet... unexciting.
It is as though there is an expectations for grad students to "work hard" or something. Crazy!

If you haven't received one yet and are unaware, the Shower has officially been PLANNED!! (thank you Kris for the planning and thank you Kris' mom for doing the invitations!!! Yaaaay!!! Thank you, Thank you.

It will be May 3rd (we'll put it somewhere that you can remember...).
And it is going to be glorious weather and a great crowd of wonderful jared and Kim fans!

We're registered with Target and with Amazon
Amazon is mostly if you're wanting to help us complete our nursery decorating!!

who DOESN'T think we need THAT cute of a hamper?? c'mon!
:D There are a few other things too, though.


Okay, back to life...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Things Kim ...can't do much anymore...

Putting on or taking off anything from the feet. (shoes/socks)
Remembering whether she is on "shampoo" or "conditioner" while in the shower.
Ride a road bike. (but she Can ride a fixie =D long as her pants dont get caught in the chain...)
Get out of bed in a non-hilarious fashion. (It's hilarious)
Get out of a chair or couch in a non-hilarious fashion. (This is also hilarious)
Stand for lengthy periods of time.
Remember where she put her keys or water. (or pants)
Wear 80% of the shirts she used to wear... without it looking inappropriate and trashy.
Stay up past 11pm. Let alone Pull all-nighters to finish design projects. (must...finish...must....whargarblargbl!)
Go more than 45 minutes without having to pee! (really, it's 15 minutes)
Walk more than 5 minutes while carrying around her laptop. (it's okay though, someone else has been relegated to the physical laptop relocation could that be???)
Run really fast... without looking inappropriate and trashy.
Ninja Kicks (this fact makes her truly sad...).
Make fun of pregnant people.

O...and say no to ice cream! =q Mmmmmmmmm.....

She can however:

Eat. Lots.
Drink water.
Sit. Lay.
Get her back rubbed.
Assemble fully functional (hopefully) human beings in her belly. (at least half human)
Eat ice cream.
Lift massive steel weights. (at least a gazillion pounds)
Do design projects. Lots. (though not without losing some mind chunks)
Compete with (and possibly outdo) Le Petomane. (if you are not sure, look it up, you...uh...probably won't be disappointed...I know I'm amused =))
Take bubble baths. (Though the getting out part...)
Drink 100 grams of sugar in one sitting.
Hand me her computer bag. (ta lilve on mah shoder, Ah's can curry it!)
Pee. Lots.
Ninja Punches/Blocks!
And most importantly!... Looks like we've run out of time, folks, see you next time.