Thursday, June 11, 2009

Out of the Oven

A few of you have asked about more details! When did it all start, how was it? blah blah.
Things started to roll post-Luda walk at about 6pm on Tuesday (you keep that time/date in mind now...) but contractions and such were pretty far apart and not Terribly strong (but still stronger than ever before! So whaddya do... uuuh eat a nice big dinner and Play Guitar Hero, duh.

Come 9pm or so, we were pretty certain things weren't going to stop, but it still wasn't Terrible so... what else do we do... Go get ice cream with friends, double duh!!!

While at ice cream, I hid my cringes from Maria and Jessica within bites of pure deliciocity. Jessica exclaimed as we left that we need to have this baby tonight because she leaves Thursday morning!! Jared and I both grinned and said "we'll see!"
We then proceeded home to finish up a few Guitar Hero gigs and when contractions were too tough to maintain 90% drumming (on Hard, mind you!) we moved on to watching Instant Netflixed many a South Park episode.

Really it was a pretty normal night in the Jared/Kim house haha.
Eventually the time (2am-ish) came where we needed to go to the hospital. Well, Jared decided and I said "oooh errrr Okayyyy...what if what if we're not really ready? what if..." jared: "kim, get in the car"

They said "yep, its go time" and we were admitted.

I will spare you many detais from here to the bun arriving, but Would like to share that Kris came and gave us a HUGE hand. She'd go get ice water so Jared wouldn't have to leave. She was a second/third hand to hold (trust me, you need many hands to hold). Jared and I left important things in the car before we came in and she grabbed those for us. She definitely picked many many areas that made the whole experience easier. Thanks Kris!

Finally, about 1pm on Wednesday Jared declares
"The baby's about to come! I can taste it!"
....Poor word choice Jared.
But he was right.

At a point during the pushing process, one of the machines makes a noise and Jared goes "the machine congratulates you!" which made me laugh, messing up that particular ...push. The nurse declares (mind you, the staff has all been very friendly and LOVED our sense of humor so played along with it a bunch) "Keep that up and we'll make You do the pushing!"
At some point, the midwife also declares "This baby has more hair than his dad."
She did ammend it with "I wouldn't have said it, but i heard you picking on him about it before!" haha
We actually had a fun time pushing. They kept telling us we were hilarious and we literally almost laughed little Ben out.

And then with the help of our support team of nurses and trained medical staff!

Shazaam! There he was! Right out of the oven:

Newborns are kind of gross...but we're Still a cute family.
naked baby!!!!

And this is him after a bath! ...his face is starting to become unscrunched.

All for now... more and more later

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