Friday, June 26, 2009

Periodic Blocks and Wide Eyes

Holy Buckets! Look at what Jessica and Maria made us!!!!!

They are little wooden blocks with the elements painted on one side!!!
Ooooh Joy! There are blocks in there that spell "Benjamin" too... they are such creative friends! Unbelievable.

We also realized that we have very few photos of Ben awake, yet! And even fewer of him naked!!! This was pre-bath time last night. ...Not entirely naked, but cute nonetheless. ...We are entirely bummed that it turned out blurry.

In the mornings he usually spends quite a bit of time under his stimulation thing-a-ma-bobber. He loooves looking at the shapes and colors

and even though we've read that newborns don't really "smile" ....we totally think Ben smiles already. Probably because Jared and I smile/laugh a lot. one another's expense generally

You might also be pleased to know that following Jared's post about how badly each of us needed to go exert energy, he went to Taekwondo and I went and played softball. YAAAAY! oooh we were in such better moods afterward! It was amazing!!! Now if I will just ever be ready to get back on the bike...we'll all be Really happy!

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