Friday, June 5, 2009


We are becoming impatient, very impatient!
(everyone else seems to be as well)
The anxiety is driving us slightly nuts!

As laid back as we each are, this certainly has us on the edge of our seats. Granted, we are well aware that he will come when he is ready AND it isn't even our due date yet - but we are Terrified that he will naturally be running on Jared time. That, and we are really tired of me being pregnant. In comparison to other's it appears we are doing quite well for ourselves. I was told today by someone "my wife (who is 3 weeks behind us) looks like she is having triplets compared to you!" So sure, maybe I'm still more mobile than some and not as large - but I was icing my ribs the other day from jr. kicking them. And no, my blood pressure hasn't gone up, I'm not terribly moody (not anymore than normal...), my ankles haven't swollen much at all, BUT i am soooo ready to be done! I can't imagine what it must be like for people who have pregnancy complications - can't imagine it.

Beyond being ready for physical reasons, I believe we are ready for... for the reason that we are simply ready to meet this little guy. It wasn't but a few months ago that we were still somewhat terrified and not more than a couple weeks ago where we were panicking that "we're not ready, we're not ready!" Now our anxiety is in wanting to meet this little guy, in our willingness to face the challenges he will bring (I think jared will see it as a really wonderful and challenging video game!), and all that jazz.... :)

We're ready.
I mean, as ready as any first-time parents can be...
So jr. ...that means you can come out now!!


Any middle name suggestions?


Rhonda said...

Make sure you tell Jared that jr won't have a reset button...


anand jay said...

If you asked some guru in the old country, they would tell you that your little guy is waiting for an auspicious birth date. I'm gonna go ahead and go with that, too. But I'm sure he's a real pain in the...whole body right now, the little imp.

What are you using for a last name? I think the middle name should be a good transition between the first and last (oh and also I'm a fan of using a gender neutral name for the middle so that the kidlet can use it if he turns out to be a lady. just sayin'.).