Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lessons Learned

There are a few things that parents learn along the way... just a few. And though many here's what we've learned so far...

Shout stain remover and hot water works wonders on poop filled clothes. This may seem obvious to some - but many other stain removers don't work quite as well...and leave a poop ring.

Let him cry himself to sleep.

No matter how happy of a child - he will still get PISSED when you try wiping his nose. You can wipe his chin, his cheeks... but that under the nose are is like... you're destroying his life.

Cheerios, followed by oranges = cheerios that are STUCK to the table...

Teach him to ride bicycles in jerseys at a young age... wicks away drool better?

Train him to be a Campy fan at an early age... for no reason.

Have two of every electronic. One that can be drooled on, and one for the grownups.
Always replace the grownup electronic [quickly] with the other one...as to avoid tantrums.

Always keep a spare bag of cheerios/crunch berries/num nums in the car!!

Carry him upside down. The areas of the brain absorbing/using more blood are more active or something... so if we hold him upside down and force more blood in there he'll be smarter....... Right Priya??? Right? I'm pretty sure that's why we do it...

Bring him to roller races because he's my favorite fan. :)

Let other people cuddle him - this one we knew...but it is affirming to see. It is easier on us, grants a baby-fix to the other person, and an excellent way for socializing the little man. He's so comfortable with other people, he often just falls right asleep in their arms at nap time. Especially with Leanne :)

Let Randy babysit. Who knew!?? haha He does a fantastic job. :)

Luda has learned a few things too.... playing "dead" means Benjamin will be more likely to leave that flashy wagging tail alone.

We've learned a lot more than this even.... but something else I've learned is that papers that are due today should probably be written before blog posts...... errr oops.

Happy Reading!!


We count down to Colorado EVERY DAY. We can't WAIT to see everyone. It is honestly the thing pulling us through this busy busy busy cold ugly semester!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Da Terminator

We've stocked up on those $.38 cans of baby food only to realize.... Benjamin could care less about that crap! He wants what we're eating. At daycare he eats hot dogs and greenbeans with the other kids... grilled cheese and cooked carrots... oh my!

He's down to drinking only about 2 bottles a day and half of whatever else I would have been eating... as Tom Petty would say "its good to be king."

Though Ben has been attempting to eat anything he can get his hands on for a while now, he has kicked it up a notch and started attempting to eat metal.

It is quite possible he is attempting to become the Terminator

If so... well at least he'll have a cool accent. His current interest in books - especially in Good books:
also gives us hope that... if he Does become the next generation Terminator... he'll be significantly more well rounded.