Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ludacris influence...

This I believe:

I believe jr. is currently busy singing some Ludacris:

"Ever since I was an embryo, waitin to shape up and ship out
Somethin in my brain said, "Wake up and kick out!"
Roberta and Wayne stayed up and flipped out
Cause when I came I was draped up and dripped out
Snip the umbilical, spit the government chip out
Peace out, A-Town gone and then I dipped out
And oh my gosh, the Osh Kosh was picked out
I slipped in, even my baby stroller was tricked out

Somebody get him, the lil' nigga's out of control
Put a lil' bit of rum in my bottle I'll dream about diamonds and gold"

There's another song that has a part "knick knack patty whack still ridin' Cadillac"

I don't know what it is about it... Ludacris just makes me smile!!!
....sorry mom.

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