Sunday, March 15, 2009

Another Day in the Mountains

Well... really this starts off from the first full day... Aunt Deb made us a deeeeelicious meal. We are being spoiled. Truly spoiled.

Jared entertains himself by chasing around the kitties:

they are quite possibly the most chatty cats I've ever met.

We spent this morning enjoying the sunshine outside, drinking tea and... grading tests. Definitely gave better grades than when I was grading along the 10 hour car ride.........

Jared explored and took some of his own pictures (i'll let him post about that, though!)

Later on, we went for a hike!

We found a shed...

A porter john... we found two actually...

Ooooh and a view of the house from way across the way, where we had hiked to!

More pretty pictures...

And along the way, I strutted ma stuff!! WHABAAAM!

Jared pretended to be Luigi and punch blocks for coins...

Then we napped for like...2 hours and... ate some more amazing food... mmmm foooood.

There were some 200 pictures taken today!! so it was quite a task to pick just a few....... we'll try our best to keep you caught up, though! Stay tuned!!!
New Belgium brewery tour tomorrow!!!!


Special picture section today for Kris:



Kris said...

*big grin*

Cycle Ninja said...

New Belgium is possibly the coolest place on Earth. Too bad you can't partake.

Oh, and you'll only be about half an hour from the lady who knitted the baby blanket, incidentally.

Have fun!

Its dangerous business walking... said...

you're an asshole Paul.

this is quite possibly the very reason i love you. I can partake in ...spectating!!!