Monday, March 23, 2009

The end of break... and a Crib!

The weather upon our arrival back to Ames was pretty spectacular. So much so that we spent the next few days playing outside...

I picked up a basket to put on the back of my bike so that I don't have to bungee cord my bag down for every trip.
What started off as a very simple project... well I just kept going and going.

Next thing you know, I had a bottle opener attached to the basket... Moved my rear light to the back of the it isn't blocked by my bag (which makes it worthless!!)... And... then I remembered how my bag would always get dirty from wet roads... As a solution to this I decided to cut up an old road tire and line the bottom of the basket. This also serves as extra cushioning for my bag (or for the cooler we have which also fits perfectly!).

And what is a campus cruiser bike without a New Belgium bike bell?

Expect some beer coozy's to be added to the basket sides in the near future...
...I have friends who need to keep hydrated!


Jared's tasks were much more... respectable...
The doors of the shed were stuck shut because the ground in front was too high... So he fixed it!

We made a make-shift wheelbarrow out of a sled and a flower pot. It actually worked really well!!

Luda supervised of course:



Quite possibly the best part of being home from break would have to include going and picking out the crib for jr.!
It is an amazingly hard task! So many color choices, styles, price ranges - Whoah! We're really happy with what we found and it was even easy to put together. Not only that, but we also got a matching dresser/changing table deal-e-o with it. They were out of stock for that though so it will be shipped in a few weeks.
Thank You parental unit and Amie for coming to help out with it!



Anonymous said...

theres only one thing missing in that room...

well, besides the diaper pale. :)

Its dangerous business walking... said...

....a pool.
Clearly that room is supposed to be our... indoor swimming pool... That is what is missing.... Brilliant Brooke, Brilliant.