Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Colorado still loves us

Jared is an Amaaazing breakfast creator.
He loads it with BACON! and and cheeeese! and a wee bit 'o spinach so it is healthy.


This was in preparation for when we climbed...Horsetooth Mountain!

Jared experienced the Quickening...albeit without a really awesome sword...and lightning.

There can be only one!!!!!!!!!!

Kim needs sunglasses to shield her eyes from the awesome.

I loves her.

Mountains're nice.

(Man, you're nosy...)

This is a time tunnel to the plant universe.

And this here's some damn fine photo-graphy, Lou.

Kim tried to Mountain bike up the entire trail!!!...without a Bike!

Too bad we gotta leave this place tomorrow. We're gonna miss it...
We'll be back...

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