Thursday, March 19, 2009

We'll wave goodbye with the sun in our eyes

a very very VERY VERY huge huge
to Uncle Ron and Aunt Deb for having us over spring break.

Not just having us, but for spoiling us, feeding us, relaxing with us, sharing with us, dissecting politics with us... for making tea as well as time for us.
It truly was a treat.
Thank you.


On the first day, if you recall, the TURKEYS came out... which was Awesome! and we checked Every morning to see if they would come back, and they didn't...... UNTIL the last day!!! Yaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!
Turkeeeeeeeeeey!!!!!! They're fascinating to watch. If you ever get a chance to have turkeys come to your front/back yard a few days a week, i highly recommend it...

A lot of exciting things happened on this trip, no doubt. But, quite possibly, the MOST exciting thing ...for me... mmmm was the Airstream at the New Belgium brewery.

Now, a few of you may be aware that Fat Tire is my favorite beer, BUT... I'm not sure that as many of you are aware of my ultimate DREAM to live/have a vacation spot next to a river, with the woods surrounding me, an Airstream as the headquarters, a lawn chair or two outside - one of these:

and... mmm the sound of the river as me and luda sit out front while the sun comes up, me with my coffee, him with his tennis ball (jared would likely still be sleeping... he's not half the morning person i am!). And in the afternoons we'd ride bikes/hike and in the evenings we would cook dinner over the campfire.... and drink Fat Tire... See, now we're back on track!

The point being that... i always knew I loved Fat Tire, and...really all of the New Belgium beers (that I had tried in Iowa)...
but that they also have an AIRSTREAM out front!!!?!??!?

oh how happy we both were.

Jared became equally as happy once we went in and... They give you a list of their beers and you get to check 4 per person

of what you'd like to try. Well, me not having much more than a sip of each, jared won the jackpot by getting to actually have 8 samples. You should have seen his face when he realized it was all FREE! hahahahaha....

mmmm Yum.
Ahhhh what a trip.


Onward home...

Dear Nebraska,
You suck and we hold much hated toward you. Jared will soon be switching his research over to devise a worm-hole ...or some form of teleportation... from Omaha to Wyoming/Colorado.
Kim and Jared


**50 points to whoever knows where this posts title comes from!! (no googling it, either! cheaters...)**


Cycle Ninja said...

"Sunrise on the road behind.
Sunset on the road ahead.
There's nothing can stop you now.
Nothing can stop you now."

"Ghost Rider"

Amy said...

I love Colorado (sigh). Too bad it is an extra 3 hours or so from Mpls. Glad you guys enjoyed your break! Your last hurrah before baby!

Emily said...

you just took the wrong road through nebraska, that's all! (i-80 is runs in the platte river valley, hence the flatness. go a few miles either way north or south and behold breathtaking sandhills.) at least it keeps you pesky iowans out. but no hate.