Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spoil us, Colorado

Up until the Tuesday before spring break or so, we were going to stick around Ames. ...Then ...we changed our minds.
I gave Luda one last kiss on the forehead (thank you Kris for watching him while we are away!!!) and off we were (are?)

The drive went... relatively quick, to be honest. Lots of pee stops, though!
We also saw ponds/quarries FILLED with BIRDS!

Thousands of them!

We stopped for lunch in Gothamburg (spelling?)

and ate here:

Lets just say...the only beer ON TAP was the Bud Light. A man, Larry, came in sporting a cowboy hat, hair that hadn't been cut since 1977, a cowboy vest with a pink shirt under it, and... a Great personality. It is always Nice to stop at places like this for lunch instead of a boring old McDonalds. Here.. we still got burgers, but everyone else who walked in (even the 8 and 10 year olds...) were well known by the bartender. I think they all hung out there pretty much every afternoon... Don't know what the kids were doing there at 1:30 in the afternoon... I can Only hope it is spring break for them?

It wasn't long before we wound our way to our final destination up into the mountains!

We had a nice dinner with Aunt Deb aaand went to bed!
In the morning though, because of the time change, we were awake at 6:30am... Just in time to see the sky behind the valley begin to turn orange... After sneaking out to relieve the bladder... I came back to bed and enjoyed watching the sun pop up. Amazing!!!
Next thing we know....

TUUUUURKEY! They were hanging out in the front yard.

Then we had breakfast and jared was a very very Very happy man

Later in the day today, we went for a hike!
(and by that i mean we walked down the driveway...but got allll THESE views...)

Jared hates nature, so he throws rocks at it (I am guessing that is why he insists on throwing rocks and ...poking cacti (who I am happy to hear, poke back!!))

I'm kidding, jared loves nature. He likes to smell it...

We had a lot of fun taking pictures and jumping off of things...

Sorry, jr.

Great... Great views

Stay tuned!!! That was only the drive and the first day!!!!!!


Special section for Jesse

bird poop:

elk poop?:


Special section for Maria:

I found you some Really nice coffee tables while we were driving... i don't know, however if they will fit in your apartment... but think of all the things you could store in them!!!


Anonymous said...

your drive was much better than ours. it went by quickly, but im not sure i should post pictures of the excitement we had... well, the 2x puke was colorful. and the cleaning of the carseat was great and all...

the pics are great, keep them coming! im jealous of you, we dont have near the scenery (or the relaxation) here.

Kris said...

This is the quintessential Kim Topp blog post. Pictures, randomness, beautiful things.

Miss you.