Saturday, April 4, 2009

Things Kim ...can't do much anymore...

Putting on or taking off anything from the feet. (shoes/socks)
Remembering whether she is on "shampoo" or "conditioner" while in the shower.
Ride a road bike. (but she Can ride a fixie =D long as her pants dont get caught in the chain...)
Get out of bed in a non-hilarious fashion. (It's hilarious)
Get out of a chair or couch in a non-hilarious fashion. (This is also hilarious)
Stand for lengthy periods of time.
Remember where she put her keys or water. (or pants)
Wear 80% of the shirts she used to wear... without it looking inappropriate and trashy.
Stay up past 11pm. Let alone Pull all-nighters to finish design projects. (must...finish...must....whargarblargbl!)
Go more than 45 minutes without having to pee! (really, it's 15 minutes)
Walk more than 5 minutes while carrying around her laptop. (it's okay though, someone else has been relegated to the physical laptop relocation could that be???)
Run really fast... without looking inappropriate and trashy.
Ninja Kicks (this fact makes her truly sad...).
Make fun of pregnant people.

O...and say no to ice cream! =q Mmmmmmmmm.....

She can however:

Eat. Lots.
Drink water.
Sit. Lay.
Get her back rubbed.
Assemble fully functional (hopefully) human beings in her belly. (at least half human)
Eat ice cream.
Lift massive steel weights. (at least a gazillion pounds)
Do design projects. Lots. (though not without losing some mind chunks)
Compete with (and possibly outdo) Le Petomane. (if you are not sure, look it up, you...uh...probably won't be disappointed...I know I'm amused =))
Take bubble baths. (Though the getting out part...)
Drink 100 grams of sugar in one sitting.
Hand me her computer bag. (ta lilve on mah shoder, Ah's can curry it!)
Pee. Lots.
Ninja Punches/Blocks!
And most importantly!... Looks like we've run out of time, folks, see you next time.


Cycle Ninja said...

24-Solo world champion Chris Eatough once confided when his wife was pregnant with their first child, he had a dream that she turned into a pear, and was only able to wobble in place.

Just think...two more months to go!

Its dangerous business walking... said...

I am happy to report that I am... not a pear. ALTHOUGH i am near a Weeble.... weebles wobble but they don't fall down!!!!

Kris said...

Love the turtle image of you getting up...