Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Back by Popular Demand

You win... I'll post the pictures....

Growth progress, thus far!

Although, without showing it intentionally...it is more

which, as Sami says...
"Kim....when in the heck are you going to start showing??? Lordy you have a body like a freshman who has been to one to many keggers!! :)"

I'm SO happy that i'm not bigger!! we're hopping right into the third trimester and... i'm Totally fine that i'm not huge yet! So dear, Sami...if you could stop wishing hell upon me ;) i would appreciate it. haha...

Which brings me to a new topic, which is our most recent group entertainment...

Guitar Heroooo!!!

I bet you never knew how musically inclined Jared is... I think it is his ability to focus on anything "video game"

It must be said though... that i AM the ...greatest/only drummer of the group

y'all will catch on SOME day...

We rotate where we play...
This is what our living room turns into

Works quite perfectly if you asked me.

AND since jr's hearing is getting better and better... ....we are teaching him all about classic rock and... how to keep a good beat. he'll need a set of drums that i can borrow, Right?!??!

See, playing "games" isn't ALL about Us!!!!

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