Friday, March 6, 2009

The Shift

Kris sent an article my way this morning...

Jared and I don't relate Entirely to the article. But there are definitely a few points that hit home. We were never lushes, but lets be honest...we ARE grad students... with a hell-of-a fun bunch of friends. We are/were well aware that Monday is $1 PBR night at the London Underground; Overly-excited at the thought of visiting "el bait shop" where there are more than 100 beers on tap; and filled with Longing for the summer days outside at the local winery.

"but I [we] became unexpectedly responsible" at the Moment we knew about jr.
There was a switch in our heads that flipped and where we used to be the first out to buy a round, now we sit at home (i with my heating pad, jared with his lab reports to grade...) wondering if we should go out and for how long. OR organize Guitar Hero gatherings in-home as alternative entertainment.
In a lot of ways, we have become much much more creative in what to do with our evenings. Rather than ...going to a bar and...sitting... We'll walk Luda there (London Underground where Kris bartends) to say "hi" to the crowd (he loves eating the popcorn off the floor...), then visit the grocery store on the way home before making dinner.
It is a Really Great transition, actually!

I think I would be lying for both of us if I were to say we didn't somewhat "miss" being the stereotypical, carefree grad students. Because really...
"it’s not the alcohol I miss. It’s the immaturity. The selfishness. The wasted days frittered away recuperating from the wasted nights. "

But the time to grow out of it would have come at Some point. Besides...we are really looking forward to welcoming jr. into the world and can only imagine the wonder and joy (and headaches) he will bring; but with any life changing event, there are sacrifices (i didn't even MENTION the cycling sacrifice that has happened already.......!)... sacrifices that we are more than happy and proud to make.

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