Tuesday, February 24, 2009

oooh cnn.com

There was an article this morning on CNN titled "Indian woman accused of selling baby for $130"

At first glance ones jaw drops a little bit, but... well first, here is the article

NEW DELHI, Indian (CNN) -- A 20-year-old poverty-stricken woman has been charged for selling her newborn baby boy, police in southern India said Tuesday.

The woman allegedly sold her child for 6,500 rupees (about $130) to an auto rickshaw driver because she wanted to marry someone else after the child's father abandoned her, according to police.

Prakash Jadhav of Khammam district police in Andhra Pradesh state, told CNN that the child's buyer had also been charged.

If convicted, both the woman and the driver face up to 10 years in prison, Jadhav said. Now... a few things...
First, New Delhi is now in "Indian" instead of India...
Second... I have mixed feelings about this... she should have just put it up for adoption - my guess, however, is that it maybe isn't as easy to do as one might think... things are complicated.
Third... 10 years in jail for... selling the kid instead of ... leaving it by a dumpster. Sure, she didn't do the best thing, she didn't. But ... I don't know CNN this was... one of the more disappointing reads in terms of complete LACK of information. Are we supposed to be offended and appalled that it was for only $130 instead of $170?

All i know is that... our child we'd have to sell for... the price of a house, and... all that came along with that. ;) Not that we'd ever sell our kid or anything........ Actually a few years from now, For $20 (...eaah lets say $30 for inflation...) you can have him for an hour at a time while he mows your lawn. Must send him back home with brownies and ice cream.


Kris said...

I thought of you when I read this and wondered what you'd think.

And for the record, I think YOU'LL be the one paying out to take the crying little bugger off your hands. Which I will greatfully do in multiple hour increments. :)

Cycle Ninja said...

I can vividly remember someone (not me) finding a baby in a dumpster behind our dorm building when I was in college. To this day I suspect the girl had fundamentalist parents and was too afraid to tell them she'd sinned.

Either way, in this case, that kid probably won't have much of a life, which is the really sad part. Maybe Angelina Jolie will hear about it.

Amy said...

Interesting how international adoption has a significant money aspect to it, sometimes for the middlemen and even doctors, but that is rarely a news story in the mainstream media. Here is a link to a great article about international adoption and "supply" and "demand."

Okay, my work soapbox is over. I'm going to bed now.

Amy said...

Oops! I tried coding the link and failed. Not smart enough to do that, I guess.