Saturday, February 14, 2009

Disturbing Kid Movies

I grabbed a few of these from Babble and felt they would be appropriate for here... and fun to post about...
The title of the article is:

Some parents/people believe their children should be protected to the greatest extent. Prolong sadness or life/grown-up realities until the child is old enough to learn these first-hand. Some children's filmmakers however believe that kids ought to learn BEFORE ever Actually experiencing the trauma...

I believe this is the... thought process/purpose of this article, anyway.
Which movies... educate through trauma.

Bambi for example.

for those of you who don't know - ...uuuh Bambi's mom GETS SHOT. If that is not one of the most terrifying thoughts to put into a child's head... well. ... i don't know. ... but I'm not sure if the moral of the story really does enough to overcome that ...Bambi's mom GETS SHOT and DIES.
I am still crying about it.

A just plain Weird one - though I LOVED it as a youngster (and still)

Willy Wonka!!
One disclaimer that should be given is that it IS originally a Roald Dohl (an all-time personal favorite author) story... and all of his works had at least a speck of darkness. Ooooh they are such a joy to read. BUT... Willy Wonka the film...especially the original, is... I don't think this one is teaching a lesson in overcoming trauma as much as... "hey, this is what an acid trip is like" ... if your child really totally DIGS that scene, ........keep a careful eye in the years to come???

And speaking of Roald Dohl, we probably shouldn't fail to mention The Witches

And Matilda - ..the Trunchbull is such a GREAT character!! And the Chokee that the bad kids go in - remember, its basically a medieval torture chamber... SUUUCH a good book/movie!!!

James and the Giant Peach was also made into a movie!!!! And... who can forget the wicked wicked aunts who James had to go live with. I don't remember who he ended up living with in the peach... or what all happened... but.... i do remember that in the beginning, it described his WONDERFUL life........until his parents died in a car accident, which is why he has to move in with his aunts. ...And if that is the One part i remember from reading that when I was...8 years old... it must have meant SOMETHING.

Oh Roald Dohl, how we will forever miss you.

Where was I?

Another, which many of you might argue with me on, is Dumbo.
Look, as a kid, I don't honestly remember it being SO bad. But I watched it again a few years ago and... I bawled.

And it isn't because of any One particular event, it is because this movie, more than ANY other i can think of, flashes the statement... life is cruel and people suck.


Anyway... If you have more to add, feel free. I got on that Roald Dohl kick and now really just want to go dig out one of his books to read... with a cup of tea and... some blankets... mmmmmmm....

I wonder if we'll be the type of parents to... disregard the fact that some of these movies will bring tears - and count it as a lesson. that some form of child abuse? Doing something, knowing it will make someone cry... but doing it because they'll learn a lesson... seems like Some form of abuse. ....Then again, I continue to watch Grey's Anatomy every week, knowing full and well that there will Probably be a scene that will make me cry. And every week I come back... *siiigh*

We will give the child ice cream afterward and it will all work out.


Anonymous said...

i refuse to ever watch bambi. that damn movie scarred the hell out of me for life. why would any disney movie kill a parent, or think that could be a life lesson? like the lion king. i cant want mufasa (or whatever his name was) die.

and i agree with willy wonka - no harm there, has been a favorite all my life. :) no one dies, its merely trippy.

what was it we were watching this weekend that i know would scare the shit out of my kid? was it the movie barnyard and they were showing that on Nick? anyway, now im just ranting - or maybe just writing my own blog on your comment page.

Anonymous said...

its Roald DAHL. =/ sorry that just bugged me.