Sunday, February 1, 2009

Names...and other things you might not care about but get to hear about anyway

Well, well, well. It has been a while, America, so here are my opinions...a) chemistry is poisonous,

2) nice days in Winter are beautiful (when it is not so cold),

7) chocolate chip mint ice cream is the best (especially when it surprises you in the freezer - thank you, Kim, m'darlin =D),

b4) Creature the Cat needs to gain a little courage when Luda the Lab (half) is around - otherwise she is out and about,

and mcmlxiii) baby names are hard to generate. This is the original list - there are some good ones on there (my favorite is Zeppelin).

Names are interesting things. Once you get it, you get stuck with it...even though...I guess you could legally change it, but that's beside the point! We need a name that can be picked on a little, but not too much (Zorilla, anyone?), one that's honorable, yet humble, yet overpowering, yea I say to ye, that it need strike fear into the hearts of the pathetic masses - those throngs of people who will one day be subjugated (by force - willing or unwilling) under the rule of...well, I've been planning anyway - in my subsubsubsubsub-basement 3 miles below the surface of the Earth.

So, anyway, I think something like Zebulon...or Boltaron. Mordekai is kind of evil - so is Lucius. Maybe we will name him Jennifer...or Mosquito...or maybe...Emmentaler Swiss...

Seriously, though - Benjamin is the only one that we can come up with that sounds good.

Anyway, while Kim was gone this weekend, I had some thinking time to myself...It must have been unproductive because I can't even think of what I was thinking. What time is it now? Ten o'clock, eh? Well...Kim is back. And that makes me so verrrry verrrrry heppy!

Unfortunately, the kitty is now hiding under the bed. At least it is not in the cupboards. I wish that she would make friends with the doggy.

I made a blackberry cobbler. I think the centre might still be a bit squishy, but I choose not to believe it...which makes it not true.

It is delicious.


Its dangerous business walking... said...

Good post, good-buddy.
I'm happy to see that Creature came out while I was away... In fact, I don't think I've seen her FULL body since... before Christmas break... Amazing.

Sassy Hooper said...

Jesse and I have been thinking hard about names....

Ike Maliki Mike-Topp

Hesikhi Philip Topp-Mike

Black Hawk Mike-Topp

Low Ryder Topp-Mike

NH-216 Slammer Topp-Mike

Bayani Corazon Mike-Topp

Atticus Bean Topp-Mike

Banjo Ike Mike-Topp

Gulliver Dexter Topp-Mike

Roan Levi Mike-Topp

Milo Ripley Mike-Topp

Taj Willow Mike -Topp

Truman Zola Topp-Mike

**I have more too, Yes we have been thinking about this**

Its dangerous business walking... said...

... wow.
That is a list.

Thanks guys. haha... uuum not sure if we'll use any, but.... uuuh, We'll keep them on the list.

For future figurings, you can probably just use "Mike" (if it makes rhyming or anything easier) ...I'm not terribly concerned if my name is in there... and hyphenation makes for extra work. :D

Sassy Hooper said...

oh yeah....if it's just "Mike" then we choose Ike for sure....nothing beats "Ike Mike"
oh yeah.
LOL just trying to help!! You know where we live!! hehehehe

Anonymous said...

Fun names Sami! Kim force-fed them to me last night in class, and I enjoyed them.

And Kim, I would like to comment on how funny it is that the cat came out while you were away. Coincidence?

Cycle Ninja said...

Name the kid Optimus Prime.