Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Chance

*clears throat*
however.... our child has even LESS of a chance...knowing who his extended family will be...

Exhibit A: Aunts and Uncles

Amie (she's...eve)



Exhibit B: the Extended Aunts and Uncles Category

Jesse and Sami

Bob and Angie

(bob likes to...attack bushes...)

(okay, this one Might be our saving grace.......)


she also tries drying her pants directly on wood burning stoves......

Yep, jr will learn a LOT from this one...


(he's really good with the kids!...)

she may also be a saving grace, actually... if she doesn't go to grad school or...something mature like that...

no sorry maria, One good picture does not save you from the hundreds more like this:

Which brings me to the next person:
(if she doesn't go get a job in like...somewhere far far away...

Josh D

And last, but most certainly not least!!!


All joking aside...
We have an unbeatable support team.

...maybe, just maybe jr. Will have a chance afterall.......


Kris said...

I promise that I will use the above pictures as a "do as I say and not as I do" as well as "learn from my mistakes" opportunities.

But I will teach him to love the Packers. So...non Packer folks, suck it up.

Its dangerous business walking... said...

haha, thanks kris.

Anonymous said...

you are right, loved it!

i agree with your last sentence - you have one hell of a support team that already loves "been-jammin'" (thank you jared) and is going to spoil this kid to death.

Sassy Hooper said...

This is so are right, this kid has no chance. But the best thing ever is how unique he will be. This to me makes him the luckiest kid ever!!!!
mmmmmmm can't wait.

Cycle Ninja said...

I'm the one who's going to teach him how to do wheelies on motorcycles, you know this, right?