Friday, February 27, 2009

Children's Movies Part II

Mom knows best.
She called with a few...additions to our previous movie list.

As she reminded me of An American Tail... I said "ooooh you're right!!" and immediately started singing

I immediately started to get teary eyes.
And as we found it on YouTube, the tears came in full force... I can't IMAGINE how traumatic it was as a 5 year old, knowing that it STILL causes sobbing!! Good Lord!

But oooh what a great great movie.

Mom's second reminder was that of.... The Land Before Time...
I don't know if i have anything left in me to ...suck it up and remind you of how tragic THAT one was...

I need to go find a new box of kleenex.

They sure don't make kids movies like that anymore.

1 comment:

Kris said...

i know we just talked about it but i totally got misty thinking about Feiffel and his search for his family. Gah!!!

And Black Beauty, although you're too young to remember.