Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Now with naming action...

In one of the comments from the last post, Sami suggested a whole list of names she and Jesse formulated in the nether regions of their brains. Below is a list of the names because Kim and I thought all should see them. They are pretty awesome. Both Kim and I like Atticus Bean...also Banjo Ike and Milo Ripley.

Ike Maliki Mike-Topp

Hesikhi Philip Topp-Mike

Black Hawk Mike-Topp

Low Ryder Topp-Mike

NH-216 Slammer Topp-Mike

Bayani Corazon Mike-Topp

Atticus Bean Topp-Mike

Banjo Ike Mike-Topp

Gulliver Dexter Topp-Mike

Roan Levi Mike-Topp

Milo Ripley Mike-Topp

Taj Willow Mike -Topp

Truman Zola Topp-Mike

Paul suggested we name the child Optimus Prime...Paul, I am seriously considering your proposal...because that would be awesome.

Anyhow...we'll get a poll up for some cool names thatch'all can vote on eventually...and by we...I mean Kim...because I have no idea how to do that. Maybe I will have her teach me. I am thu lurnin tipe.


Kris said...

I would like to veto Atticus because I feel pretty strongly that I will name my (either real or imaginary) child Atticus, regardless of gender.

Just so you know...

Its dangerous business walking... said...

gah, kris, you can't go and...copyright names, you know... i mean, we like the name "chris" for a boy, but...guuuuuess who is hogging THAT one too.

Kris said...

I'm happy to share my namesake with your little boy-to-be. I think it would an awesome symbol of your appreciation for all I've done for you.