Monday, February 9, 2009


We don't have much to blog about these days
Things are normal and smooth, nothing new or exciting is happening...

school school school school work.
We do actually have some fun blog ideas, but... not much time to sit and put them together!!
SO you're going to get a quick/fun photo splurge...

of Luda

he loves the back yard.

he also loves tennis balls

I would actually consider it a love/hate relationship...

he is quite the hog about his toys...

but he is also quite possibly one of the funniest things you've seen when he tries....gathering them all up together, but can't figure out that he has to drop the one out of his mouth before picking up the next one, so then the one in his mouth falls out and bounces against hte wall, and he has to track it down, and he must be having a convo in his head something like this "but WAIT! what about the original one i was trying to get!?? shit! okay okay, get the red ball first, then the green ball. But the red ball is still in my mouth..........*siiigh* i'm going to go find the kitty."


in more baby related news....
we can actually SEE the little guy kicking around in there:

its Soooo trippy.
It really is like some alien parasite growing in there and it wants out....

I know i know, anyone reading who has already had kids is like "yep, that's what happens."
But for others, it isn't really comprehendible until its Actually happening!!!!

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