Sunday, February 1, 2009

Home Home

I snuck home this weekend to surprise my sister for a little family birthday dinner. It was wonderful!

I got to see my two nephews and a couple of cousins. Even my uncle Joe was there!!

We had a delicious ice cream cake for Amie... And because my mom is left-handed (and did it upside down) she put the candles on so it appears that Amie is turning "92." oops.

Amie didn't actually get her candles all blown out.

Erica told me I needed to mention her on the blog. So I am mentioning her. And this is one of her kids, Brodie ...attempting to eat the ice cream cake. This four year old may suck at eating cake, but he beat ALL OF US at Wii bowling EVERY GAME. He bowled a 160+ somethin!!! And he just... jumps and swings his arm! Talent. That's talent.

Also while I've been home,

My mom took me up to Rockford and and we went to a store called Small World. We fell in love with this bedding set:

I took a picture from my phone and sent it to Jared... He also really liked it. :)

We really did just go to browse all day and look at cribs and... really just check all of the cool stuff out. But... This matches EXACTLY with what we are planning on doing in the nursery. SO... we wrote down the name of it and planned to look around more and surf the internet, but... by the end of the day we just had to go back and order it. So we did. We just did the bedding set...

There is still a little rug

a super cute little hamper

a lamp

and a bunch of other little

So... yaaay!! We have our jungle theme started!

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