Thursday, July 30, 2009

The end of vaca and Harry Potter

Still catching up on posting, whew!
The end of our trip we spent in Illinois with my family.

Two of my little cousin's sharing Benjamin

Nap Time!

Amie likes little Benjamin - even though he pooped on her. HA!

Brodie rode his bike w/o training wheels in the front yard. He didn't have a helmet so he had to stick to the grass but this kid will be rollin' in the streets before we know it. Watch out!

....well maybe not Too fast.... he did crash rather soon after - but it wasn't the riding that got him, it was the trying to get off of the bike... Erica is a great mom, she's just making fun of him about it. :)

Benjamin had a Swell time meeting all of the family, didn't ya little man?
Looks like a "yes" to me!

...Awww sibling love.

.....While in Sterling... I found, on my mom's bookshelf... a few Harry Potter books. Now, I should preface this by saying that I have seen the most recent movie and I enjoyed it throughout until the ending. There were so many things that weren't tied together yet! So many things that that ah!! I was angry about it by the ending! SO... when I saw the books on the shelf... well I just knew I had to read the last book so I could understand why so much was left ...hanging at the end of the last movie. That said, within a couple days, Benjamin had already been read 200 pages of Harry Potter......... Jared and I get really really excited now for evening reading time. haha... :)

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