Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ohio, Part 1.

Okay, there isn't much time to talk Too much about the photos. Or to do too much of the writing that I've taken notes and "plan to do"... BUT! To keep you from forgetting about us, and to keep me from getting backlogged with photos!

We arrived in Ohio on Wednesday evening.
Thursday we went to Rhonda's mom's house to visit Jared's dad and Rhonda and that side of the world. They had a ton of fun with Benjamin and we went shopping for an outfit that Ben could wear to the wedding.

Too cute.

The wedding for Jared's cousin was Friday and Jared FINALLY got to wear his kilt... All of the groomsmen wore them and... I've never seen Jared or Josh so excited to get out of bed and get dressed. You'd think it was Christmas or something...
They looked Very handsome.

Benjamin also got dressed up, but...not without giving us the look of "uuuh yeah my belly is big... whats it to ya?"

In time, the crew of us was ready... I'm taking the picture... but I was ready too. Jared was off somewhere probably not entirely ready.......
There are more wedding pictures, but they are on another camera so we'll get them soon.

Back to Jared and his kilt... (i really should make him write this...) ...he wore it alll day.
And the next day.
He didn't just wear it the next day, he swore he was a Scottish [zombie] warrior.
Believe it or not...His mom saw him like this and her only response was "well don't they wear blue paint though? You need some blue paint on you somewhere"
Jared went inside only to return with blue paint upon himself. ha. :) What a good lady his mom is.

The wedding reception was in the backyard on Satudray. It is a really nice backyard... really fantastic/amazing/beautiful gardens everywhere!

And there was food... oh Lord SO much food! Most important... there were SO many desserts!!
all homemade by jared's mom, grandma and aunt. Busy busy ladies!

As the reception neared an end, we took off to the backyard,
through the woods and to the waterfall. it is dry now that it is the middle of summer but we were there over christmas and it was all kinds rushing!

We let our traveling companions take cute pictures of us
Such a peaceful place. i looove the water and woods.

And pictures that dont really fit anywhere...

This is uncle Bruce... i think this photo really encapsulates him...... you would understand if you met him.

This is just one of the many swords Jared and his cousins have....and still play with

aaand me playing with it too... I think this picture... encapsulates me pretty well HA. :)

Time to move on! Ben is getting fussy and dinner will be ready soon... Stay tuned for more!


anand said...

ohhhhh wow, it's good to see you all looking so adorable and happy! it sounds like it was a great trip, and Jared's family sounds really nice! I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU THIS WEEKEND. I'll call when I get off work in 2 hours.

Kris said...

These are great pictures. You look beautiful and happy. I'm glad vacation is agreeing with you.

Cycle Ninja said...

Remind me to put my sword away someplace when you guys visit. It's a Damascus steel blade, and it's sharp. Jared would somehow manage to ensure that Ben is an only child (by him, anyway...)

Miss you guys. Later!