Saturday, July 11, 2009

His Voice

Our sweet, magical, wonderful little creation

has found his voice.

I meeeean, he has known about it, and used it to be fussy, but this kid has FOUND his voice.

And like any good parents, we immediately do our best to silence it. Actually... This is one of the first points Jared and I differ on in terms of parenting styles. Jared will sit with Ben in his lap letting him screeeam until Benjamin turns almost purple. Eventually, Ben will get bored, or jared will stand up and start swinging him around.....not in like...a Swinging him around way but... you know... more rocking him! And it works! And as my grandma always used to say "let 'em cryyy! Builds good lungs!" But generally, Jared lets Ben cry a bit longer than I do. And for the most part... after a few minutes, Ben really is perfectly fine, just needed to burn some energy off (ut oh... a future jared on our hands??)
I am much more of the problem solver mindset... does his diaper need changed? Wrap him in a blanket? Where is the pacifier?? Does he not like the color of the onesie that he's wearing today!?!?? Does he have gas??
The examples may be a bit exaggerated, but we do each have our own way of dealing with the evening rage of a 1 month old. I also have the upper hand in that... well... I can offer Ben instant sustenance which equals instant comfort! ha! But the difference is really fun to look at and think about - and we are both well aware that neither way is right or wrong... so it has been just a fun way to learn from one another and to appreciate the balance that it creates.


In other news...
We've been going on all kinds of adventures. To the coffee shops, to London Underground, to Brookes, to the Toyota Dealership, Fareway (grocery shopping!), Swimming out at Peterson Pits!, and even out to the Bonne Finken show. She's really great, btw... y'all should check her stuff out! :)

Happy trails everyone! Maybe we'll see you along our next few adventures!!


Brooke Scherer said...

look at those beautiful cheeks! i want to hug him. well, so does logan, of course.

im guessing its the onsie. jordan and i laughed when we read that.

just remember, threaten the military. threaten the military. :) or we can do an evening trade, whichever.

anand jay said...

you two just keep blowing me away! it's so wonderful to know that you're being good grown-ups and supporting each other and loving each other and it just makes me feel so fuzzy. well, fuzziER than i already am. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo.