Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

Kim: Hey Benjamin, guess what Drew is over doing today? He's going to roast a pig!

Benjamin: What!?!???? No Way!!!

Benjamin: Okay guys... my campfire shirt is on, I'm ready!! I'll be out to help after i eat!

Yes yes, we may have an infant, but we still know how to have fun! ...Okay, well actually we still have a yard, and Drew likes doing crazy/awesome things and it works out for everyone... but ANYWAY. The unfortunate (but adventure adding) part was that it was raining all night and all morning. The boys however, devised a lean-to of sorts to protect the pit.

Drew was over at 6am on Saturday morning to prepare the pig. With a bit of Jared's assistance throughout the morning... we were roastin'!!

In the meantime however (since this particular pig took 10 hours to roast...) we trekked on down to the parade with maria, kris and robyn.

There was word on the street about free pancakes at the bandshell however... with the rain, we never did find them. Not to fear though, there is always the GROVE!! Kris and Robyn went and saved us seats at the parade while we ate. And when you can't get a free pancake... well a giant pancake is clearly the second best solution!

Maria has a tendency to document most all eating activities... so:

We took one of her and ben, too... it only seemed fair!

After a nice and filling breakfast, we finally made it to the parade

Hi Kris

There were a lot of really cute floats, smiles, wet candy and rain...Good thing we had an umbrella to sit under.

We made it home, and there were people already over at the house, intrigued by the roasting pig. 6pm rolled around and... it was almost time to chow!!

So many people brought over so much food! Holy buckets, we'll be eating for days! We had homemade coleslaw, homemade bread, pineapple upside down cake, pound cake, toffee bars.... watermelon, beans!, uuum i don't even remember what else, there was so much! Thanks everyone for coming over and celebrating the 4th!

Who says the fun has to end when a newborn arrives!!! *cough, troy??* *cough*

The more the merrier, I say. ...We hardly even had to know where Ben was all day!...Which is probably why there aren't more pictures of him from yesterday! He was being held by Angie or Bob or Sarah or anyone else, Kris was changing dirty diapers.. we were golden!

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