Monday, August 3, 2009

When I think Abooout You I Talk to Myself

first, Dear Anand,
This is a Burley:

Benjamin's been enjoying rides almost daily. Our most recent adventure was with Brooke and Logan. Brooke let Logan have a water bottle during the ride and... errr at the end of our ride, about 6 blocks from the house, Logan spewed in his burley... ewwww.
Fortunately Logan LOVES little Benjamin and hung out in his diaper until Brooke could cruise home, grab clean clothes and their car... Double fortunately we have SpongeBob season 1 and 2 dvd sets (...don't ask why...) so Logan was Totally occupied and hardly knew his mom was even gone.

But today's post isn't really about that... It's about what I noticed while driving around with Benjamin.

Finally... it is ENTIRELY socially acceptable for me to talk to myself!!!!!!
Because 'talking to benjamin' isn't talking to myself, nooo, it is enhancing Ben's language skills! Brilliant! I can now walk to the park and hold an ENTIRE conversation with MYSELF. ...err with Benjamin. "What did you do today Benjamin? Oooh you had fun with your mom? That's fantastic!" It is the greatest self esteem boosting conversation. In some cases, it is more awkward to Not talk to Ben than to do it. Pumping gas for example. It is always a somewhat awkward/boring event when you're alone... standing there, waiting for the tank to fill... oooh but if there is someone else to talk to... problem solved!
The best part, is that isn't only socially acceptable to talk TO him, it is acceptable to assume/pretend he Actually answered and continue on with the conversation........ If someone were to be walking down the street without a child, and talking to herself, we would automatically assume there was a break-out from the looney bin.... Put a melon-headed, pooping, spitting up, eating machine in her arms and she's Fine!

I hereby conclude that the real reason people have babies: to talk to themselves.

I'm sure glad to have Benjamin around... I think the neighborhood thought I was a bit weird as much as I talked to Luda on our walks.


Do you like your swing, Benjamin?

Yeah? awww aren't those little lions cute! Look, there's a lion and an orange elephant and... some other animal that I can't figure out! Should Mom play nintendo now that you are occupied? Or get some work done?

Oh!? Nintendo? Well... i suppose, only because you told me to. ;)


Brooke Scherer said...

wait until you are in the car making god-awful goofy faces in the mirror (to ben, of course) and you realize there's some really hot guy next to you watching as you - some crazy person - have your face ass scrunched up. you know, sort of like another personality is trying to make its way to the surface...

Cycle Ninja said...

Happens to me all the time when I sing along with the CD player.