Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ohio part 2

By humpledinger that vacation flew by!
We learned a few things while away visiting family.

1. We need to someday have a little covered porch to drink coffee under and listen to the rain.

2. We need super cute lawn decorations such as this trike.

3. Jared takes really nice photographs!

4. plan in ample extra minutes... extra half hours even... when you are trying to get yourself, as well as an infant ready to go to a wedding.
There was plenty of time - it seemed. Until right before I was about to get a chance to shower... Mt. St. Helen erupted out the side of Benjamin's mouth. While both Jared and I were getting ready, we didn't notice that it had happened. When we go to pick him up, the back of our little man's head was covered in regurgitated milk. Then came the question... Who needs a bath/shower/cleaning worse? Mom? or Benjamin? Ben won the coin toss. We gave him a bath in the sink and there was just enough time that I could dunk my unruly bed-head under the tub faucet. fortunately I don't think anyone Really noticed...

A pretty picture of Jared's Mom's gazebo...for your enjoyment.

5. Traveling long distances with a 6 week old isn't SO long as one is willing to pump her boobs while riding along in the car. Yes - I did it. All the truckers driving by... got a peek - or at least received a new curiosity of "what the hell does that woman have attached to her?" I hope they googled it when they got home... BUT by doing this... we could pop a bottle in Ben's face behind us to quell his screaming, wait until the gas/bladder stop to burp him and get the dirty dirty diaper changed, and hardly any time was lost!

6. We need 83 diapers for a 12 day trip, not...80.


Natalie said...

Kim! I love reading your mom adventures! You are not a woman until you have pumped in a moving car!! Ben is adorable. I cannot believe it's been six weeks already!

Nessie said...

I second that! Also, I love watching you learn what Mom's learn to do best - sacrifice. The "Mt. St. Helen eruption" made for a sensorial read! Awesome writing AND pics. Thanks.

Good thing little Ben is so darling - he can carry off such tales of eruptions not only without one wince from the reader but with "Ahh, isn't he so cute!" (he's gonna be a charmer human soul all through his life, mark my words!)