Friday, July 10, 2009

Where did the week go!?

It has been almost a week since we've blogged...
It isn't the end of the world, I suppose - but we enjoy doing it, so it is strange that we haven't had time! What have we been doing? Taking care of a 4 week old kid or something?

Not many new photos have been taken... oooh but a few have, We'll post them when we get to it.

Poop has been squirted, Ben even peed on himself the other day (of course RIGHT before we were about to leave to meet someone somewhere at a designated time..errr!), and spit up has been collected on the couch.
But we're doing wonderful and loving [most] every minute of it!

Until we have time for some more photos...just assume we're doing fine, things are great, and Benjamin is growing. Use your imagination for how he looks. Double points to anyone who submits a picture of what you think he might look like at this point...... quadruple points if you submit a photo of how he will look in 125 years!!

Happy Trails!!

We'll be in Ohio in 5 days! Illinois in... a bunch/soon after that!

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Anonymous said...

i have a picture of him from 2 days ago if you don't have one.. we can compare it with the submissions of what others draw up.