Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We'll miss you Maria!

One of the things about college is that it is a 'phase' in life. We come to this strange new place... for an education and maybe some independence and we also create a new sort of 'family' if you will (apparently Jared and I took that too literally...). Unfortunately there comes a time when the education has been completed and the real world calls (or grad school...). The past few years, friends/family!, really good good Good friends have come and gone. And though now and then they return... I would like to propose that instead of them always leaving, we just live in a village together... maybe a village of airstream trailers....
This past weekend, our good friend miss Maria packed up her things and headed to UofIllinois for grad school. Now, the good thing (from my selfish perspective) is that her family lives here in Ames, so of Course she'll be back!!! bwahahaha! But it really makes me wish that maybe I had spent more time at home when we were roomates. Makes me wish we had twice as many coffee/work dates as we did (errr except we'd be broke and the coffee shops in town would probably cover up all of their computer outlets to get rid of us), 3x as many trips to Dairy Queen, a few more backyard campfires, etc. etc. Anyway, miss maria... you'll be one we'll truly miss... especially when I am bored and/or hungry.

If we did all have an airstream village, I think maria would be the... over-caffeinated narcoleptic who paints things... every village needs one of those.

Now... realizing how much I value 'quality time' with my close friends, I think I should try calling one or two of them and get some time in. ...because before we know it, either they'll be on the road again or we will.

And since we've been behind on pictures...enjoy!

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