Sunday, August 9, 2009

We don't have much to blog about these days... We have been really just trying to squeeeeze everything in in our lives that has been happening. Whew!

Benjamin is doing great! He's playing with computer cords already, under supervision of course.

And giving us blank stares of "what on earth are you doing to me?"

We have figured out that from 8-9pm it is his witching hour. that I mean... it is his time to scream. He's great during the day - smiiiiles for miiiles generally. But then night time comes along and he gets So mad about how tired he is (understandable) and he lets us know. Its okay, I still love the guy. We're figuring out ways to deal with it. The latest method is taking rotations with him... 15 minutes each, so we don't lose our minds. It is working quite well so far!

In generally, we have also been doing a good job of figuring out ways to not lose our minds. Just this past week(end) Jared made it to some Brawl and band practice with his boyfriends and I had a slumber party with ma girlfriends.It feels SO great to have some no-Ben time... That pressure/responsibility lifted for a few hours. As much as I cherish time with the little guy, it feels great to socialize again!!! :)
Oh, and I got to do a bike race, too! we'll post those pictures next time!

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