Monday, August 24, 2009

First day of classes = a Monday.

I've never been anxious for school to start. I show up to class, usually unshowered... I never purchase my books until we actually Need them for an assignment (there have been too many instances where I have purchased but never used them... wtf!). I've never worried about my schedule. Never knew Where my classes were until the 5 minutes before when I had to walk there. I generally don't even know when school starts... sometime in august... i'm sure Someone will tell me the exact day. And i most Certainly havent ever had to coordinate my schedule with someone else - let alone someone else who also generally has no clue when classes start.

Of all things in our lives that Benjamin has brought upon change - this first day of class is certainly proving to be one of the most difficult/extreme. Jared has recently even agreed to share google calendars and has been using it!! and for those of you who have never known jared to show up to a place even within an hour of the requested time.... he has become punctual. That is extreme.

Despite our best organizational efforts... the first day of school has proved to be a ...Monday.

-The appetite on our alarm clock (benjamin) seems to have been tampered with from the schedule shift of this past weekend.
-I would have gone to the wrong classroom if it weren't for Brooke registering for the same class at 7pm the night before.
-I managed to lock myself out of the house.
-and when called on in my art history class today... my toolbox answer to the question "so about what year do you think 'modern american art to 1945' begins?" was "uuuh... I dont know? I guess uuuh when... modern things started happening?" ................. . . . . . idiot.

However! The one saving grace of today had nothing to do with school. ...While at Caribou in the afternoon...I heard benjamin's butt start to explode... but don't worry, I held onto his back right at the top of the diaper to trap it in... well played, self. well played. there was a Lot....and was truly the triumph of an entire day.


Cycle Ninja said...

Oh, for a return to the days when you only had to worry about your OWN bowel movements.

Anonymous said...

sounds like someone has a case of the mondays.

anand said...

oof! sounds like one hell of a day. i'm glad you saved the rest of the coffee-goers from the poop fountain. :)

Nessie said...

Extreme parenting illustrated. THIS is more like the lived reality. Nice writing too!