Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mom Pants and a Bicycle Race

One of my greatest fears of parenting... is becoming really "mom" looking! To some people that just means looking grown-up maybe... or "mature" or something... but in my head i see:

the MOM pants!
I promise Benjamin, I will never give in to Mom pants!

There was a time back in January when the school semester was just under way. And at that point, it had finally come out that I was going to have a kid. The first reaction from a peer was (It was for those of you who know her, insert voice over)
"wooow, really? You don't really seem like the....'mom' type..."

It would be easy to be offended by something like that, but I think both Jared and I say "whew! Good!"

I still have no idea what it Really means to Look like a "mom" according to society. But what I do know is that... even though I've only been a mom for a few months, I've already done a bike race, gone to a girls slumber party, crammed in some freelance work, and gone to Adventureland... without the kid!

Now, if i can just stay away from the mom pants, i'll be Fine!


Speaking of the bike race! It was tons of fun. I was out riding the loop with Erin and Don last week...and while we were riding I was telling Erin she should do the race that would be the following weekend. She thought she was too slow though. Later that week, she says she IS going to do it! Yaaay!
For some reason that gave me confidence and I wanted to do it too! And we did! Yaaaaaay!! I got dropped from the pack way before I'm used to getting dropped (my chain fell off to the inside TWICE! ...sad), but dang it... I hung with the group of men and a spattering of women until about half way AND I didn't get last... I got second in our group to who else but "i'm too slow" Erin!!

The best part was that Benjamin and Jared were at the finish line waiting! :) They wanted to take pictures there... however about 5 miles from the finish line a MONSOON struck! Gusting winds and some downpouring rain made going down a hill around a curve and over a bridge at 40mph REALLY interesting. But those kids being at the finish line... made the whole getting dropped part not nearly as annoying or frustrating - because I knew that it was just for fun, and my other priorities were waiting for me at the top of the last climb.
zoom zoom!


In other news, related to our oldest son.
Somewhere between Benjamin being born and last night... LUDA CAN SWIM!!!
We threw him sticks waaay out into the water and it wasn't just a ...*hesitate, hop over some water and pray I float* action out of Luda, no no... he was SWIMMING!!! yaaay Luda!! We're so proud of him. What a big boy... bout time his

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Anonymous said...

kudos to all of you!

ps, you were way too in shape when pregnant to ever need mom pants. but i hear you on that one. the pleats really make them true... never in a million years. id rather show a belly tire than be caught in mom pants.