Saturday, August 15, 2009


It shouldn't surprise you that Benjamin's smiles occur more and more every single day... and dang they're good smiles - consider his parents!!!
We are loving Every moment of those little smiles and half laughs... ah geez they're great. Especially when they come at appropriate times like when I say to Jared "oh my, I'm going to be in trouble when all you boys (including Luda) start understanding jokes and such and... start ganging up on me!" ***insert perfectly timed Benjamin laugh here***
Ooooh its so fantastic.
I love this kid SO much.... I would sell every single bicycle, bicycle accessory, tool and clothing article if I had to... and that says a LOT.

Speaking of giving up bicycling things... we haven't given up. In fact, Jared has become addicted as well now and has found himself a FREE frame toady entirely worth turning into a fixed gear. The sanding down has begun and the rustoleum spray paint has been purchased (green and orange of course)! Progress of this project will be photographed and posted shortly....

Our most recent focus however is on this year's MS Ride.
I started doing it a few years ago when a friend suggested I join the movement. He ended up being really sick that year so at 6am I trekked down to Des Moines to depart on a 7am bike ride... and though it was only 75miles that day, of course I did the century loop! ...Anyway, I have been hooked ever since, doing the century loops saturday and 75 miles Sunday... riding along for no better reason than because it is a TON of fun and it is for a good cause. (plus I've joined Team Road Hard and they're extra Extra fun!!)

This year... I have convinced not only Jared to join, but also Brooke!!! That's right friends, my buddy Brooke who has a 2 year old and who has not ridden more than 40 miles in a day will be doing two 75 mile days (100 if she joins us on the century!!...).
Anyway... all that said, part of the ride is collecting donations to support the research to fight Multiple Sclerosis. So if you have the time/extra funds to slip even $5 (more is obviously welcomed!!) toward the movement and toward our ride, please do so HERE.
If not, a "good luck" may also be in order as... Brooke has ridden 40miles in a day, but Jared has never ridden more than 20!!!

The link above is for my donation page thinger - but if you'd rather support Jared go here!!


Cycle Ninja said...

And I have yet to FINISH the stupid weekend, and I'm going to go deep in the pain cave this year to do so.

Anonymous said...

we will all be fine! we all have each other as a support team, it will be so much fun! although i have to get my ass up at the butt-crack of dawn, i am so looking forward to this and spending this time with you guys!!! yay us!

Anonymous said...

ps, kim - you are an amazing mother. ben is so very lucky to have you. i mean, you'd give up all of your biking stuff. whoa... :)

love you guys!