Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Last Weekend

This could quite possibly be/have been the last weekend Jared and I spend not as parents.
What do you do with that!??
Do you spend it finishing up last-minute baby preparations and weening yourself out of your old life? Or do you go balls to the walls and "live-it-up" a few last times?

Us being us, we've found what seemed to be a pleasant middle ground.
Without intending for it to be on our "final weekend" our group of friends have had planned a slumber party for the girls and a "slumber-brawl"/"lumber party". The boys all went to Jesse/Sami's house and the girls to Bob/Angie's. Perfect!
I can't tell you Everything that happened at the girls'
(That would ruin it for the boys' imagination)

But Sami, Heather and Angie consumed an entire container/almost gallon of homemade, a few days brewin', Strawberry Infusion. Along with I don't know how many appletini's. I put a dent in my case of Grape soda (it was in bottles even, how awesome is That?? I love soda from bottles!). We also shared an AMAAAZING canoli cake (yes, an Entire cake!!!) from The Cafe, ordered some pizza (ate the cake first, Of Course), Hoola Hooped in the back yard, did some Wii Bowling, and watched a Bunch of old, classic horror films.
After the movies... I did have visions of going over to the boys' with a chainsaw and ... sticking it through the basement window just to see how many of them wet their pants.... I refrained.
All I know about their event was that at... 2am or so Sami got a text that said "Randy just broke the (name of some chair) tickling nixons." And that the night started for them with a platter of MEAT that was waiting to be grilled, I believe. Jesse's house probably smells So bad today.........

It has served as a nice reflection time. We went to the farmers market Saturday morning in Des Moines and realized that not only will we be able to take jr to it, but the stroller will serve a dual purpose as a shopping cart!!!!

And for your viewing enjoyment...
It'd be neat if pregnancy were Really more like this:

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anand jay said...

ah, balance: that elusive key to enjoying life, the universe, and everything. sounds like you're on your way!