Monday, May 11, 2009

Holocaust Memorial Win!

People keep asking me "kim, what are you doing this summer"
I tend to look at them blankly and say "nothing. Having a kid."
But recently a few things Have been added.

Some of you may or may not know that I was on a team working on a Holocaust Memorial design. By team, I mean I drew things and made them pretty, the other graphic design friend did the killer research to develop our concept, our architect member proved to be worthless (he had a few good ideas, but... that was where his effort stopped), and our advisor (who is also my major prof) was her usual nit-picky, slave-driving self... who we can't help but always say "thank you" to by the end because we end up with amazing stuff and she usually ends up being right. Agh the Love-Hate relationships we have with people who care.
The competition was a pretty big deal. We presented members of the Jewish Federation of Iowa, some Des Moines design guy a few department chairs, the dean and other people who I'm not sure who they were.


WE WON!!!! ish.

we actually tied for first.
The people liked the pathways and integration into the Des Moine Capital campus of the other team's designs, but liked our concept, research and wall graphics.

Here was our design

So new summer plans include meshing our design together with the other team's idea so that it will actually be built.
Oh, and still having a kid.


Jared goes to the lab every day. ... He's working on cool stuff too but ... he has to write about it himself. ...Someone should tell him to get on that.


Cycle Ninja said...

Do those pictures blow up to higher resolutions? They aren't very big, and I can't seem to click on them.


Its dangerous business walking... said...

done and done.

Brooke Scherer said...

i aaaaam trying to figure out what the song relationship is? or its it just there to help the celebration of our awesomeness?

Nessie said...

Awesome Kim. I was reading to see if the number one project was born yet, (and if I'm going to win the bet ;> I forget what I put down!) I see you are two-timing it with your beautiful creations. So cool, your design work just keeps getting cooler.

Well, it's June 4 and out of the blue, you are so on my mind. Is there a reason? Hummm.