Monday, May 4, 2009

The Final Countdown

You might consider playing this youtube video while reading this post... it adds a certain sensory effect you might miss otherwise.....

Okay, lets begin... ready to help supervise Logan?

Me too.

Fist... clear out the garage-ish for food-table prep.

Get Luda ready for the guests (he is still celebrating gay marriage in Iowa)

Prepare decorations!

Clear out the nursery of ...randomly stored things

Create a calendar due-date pool

And... i think.... i think we're ready!!!!!!
You ready, Jared?



I think he's ready


.....After a ton of extraordinary effort put in by some unbeatable friends....
Baby Shower time Finally arrived:

There was food food food!!!!!
And even an ice cream bar inside (not pictured...)

And a yummy drink station that featured these beverages PLUS a special blend of ice cream/ginger ale of sorts... it was quite a hit.

We eventually got to open all of jr's gifts while spectators played gift bingo...
And wound up with some of the Coolest gifts Ever

The baby clothing wins include:

"all mommy wanted was a backrub" ...errr

and "my daddy is a ninja" ...Jared about peed his pants he was so happy.

Ahhh and we still can't get over how many wonderful wonderful friends showed up...if only we could possibly give credit everywhere where credit is due, but...this post would go on and on and on....

Of course, what is a Jared/Kim gathering without some hooping...

Logan isn't Quite big enough, Yet....
I wonder if sami makes 2yr old sized hoops.......

And to cap it alllll off
Jared and his boyfriends busted out some tunes

With the help of a few supporting instruments...

Luda dug up ...a bone. A very large bone.......

Once again....
A final thank you thank you thank you.... Thank You for everyone who organized and put it together for us.
And a really huge thank you for everyone who showed up and who has been supporting us through everything... You're really a Wonderful.... family.

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Anonymous said...

It was a great day in celebration of three of the greatest people! We looooove you and can't wait to meet the newest member of the family!