Friday, May 15, 2009

Baby-Havin class

For 2 hours for 4 Tuesdays, we have baby-havin class.
We're currently 2 down, 2 more to go.

We've learned a lot. Like that babies don't Really get delivered by the stork - although, I'm still hopeful.

Our favorite part was probably where we learned stretches to practice. My favorite by far is the squatting. It might be because I am the best squatter in class (Thank You winter camping....) ...and it really is fun. Maybe I was meant to be a frog!
We learned about relaxing, too. I'm also very good at that.... now that school is out, anyway.

My sister Amie was visiting, so she came along with us. I'm not sure if it was because of that or something else, but... Jared and I both weren't really "into" class.
We learned about the different labor stages and... as important as it is, it is also on any pregnancy/labor website/book out there. Sooo we ended up acting a bit like 7th graders ...giggling during parts where we were supposed to be "relaxing". ...oops.
It happens.

We'll behave better next week when we get to go on a hospital tour and ...i don't remember what else we were doing, i was busy passing notes....

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Anand said...

it seems like the class could be a useful milestone-marker/structure-giver as you barrel down the last stretch. also when my mom was in doula training, instead of saying "birth canal", they said "vaginal barrel". i thought you might like that.

thinking of you all the time!!!!
lots of love!!!