Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Family and Nesting

Jared's dad and Rhonda came to visit this past weekend and despite the barely 50degree, cloudy weather for the first couple days, it turned out to be a really nice time.

When folks come to visit in Ames, it is always somewhat a challenge to fill out a "what to do" list - especially as students who mostly just do homework. However, there is ALWAYS work to be done around a house that is expecting a new bundle of tears/poop/joy soon!


We let the 'nesting' set in and finally decided to figure out some organization for our hoards of baby shower gifts. (thanks again everyone!)

We found the cubicle thingers at Target and while the men cooked dinner, the women built things...

Okay, Rhonda TRIED to build ...but was unfortunately attacked by some heavy cardboard backing...

After some slight medical attention from our in-house nurse Jared, we were on our way!!

We put the newly built shelf in the room and moved on to dinner.
Kris came over on Tuesday and helped build the second shelf (and took down our glass shower doors! And helped organize baby clothes!!! thanks thanks thanks thanks!!) that we picked up!!

And Look!!!

Now we just need to fill them up! (which is entirely possible, it is just a matter of getting to that next step.

We did a bunch of other things with Jared's family.
One day we spent in Des Moines. Generally, Des Moines is a quiet little city but the day we decided to go proved to be special. As we were cruising along University Ave. a cop car comes up out of nowhere from behind us, and all of a sudden cop cars from every direction show up! They pull over an Explorer and the cops all get out... guns raised!! Some of them even had their BIG guns out... This was no ordinary traffic stop!

*thank you cell phone cameras...*
So we sat and watched as the driver of the truck was arrested and they found some dude curled up in the back.
Welcome to Des Moines.

We continued on to the Science Center and to the Hessen Haus


We had Cold Stone for dinner.

Monday we celebrated Jared's birthday!
Happy b-day Jared. You old man, you!

Thanks everyone for such a spectacular weekend!

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anand jay said...

we had a cubicle thinger kinda like that when i was smaller. we called it the "tic tac".

i am so freaking excited i can barely handle myself. if you're doing an email alert thinger for when you go into labor and when little benj comes into the world, please put me on it!

hugs and hugs and hugs!