Monday, January 19, 2009

Thanks, Mystery Person!!

I came home from panera at about 1:15pm... and what do you know but...I forgot to lock the backdoor. What else do you know that the chair by our front door...has a big red bag on it, with pretty orange and yellow tissue paper sticking out of it!!!

And inside,
inside inside!!

ooh oh oh
but the cutest things!!

there were receiving blankets, and a baby healthcare kit, and baby hangers, and a little stuffed toy!!!!, and pajamas, and other amazing little wonderful things!!

but no name.

No one to give credit to!!!

SO, whoever was So thoughtful. Thank you! And not just for the gift, either...but for thinking of us and reminding us how much we're loved....aaand how much the little banana is loved too. :)
(yep, it is supposedly the length of a banana this week...)

------ and btw, thank you for not stealing my bicycle.

1 comment:

Its dangerous business walking... said...

well! ....who was it!??!
someone could at anonymously and say ..."it was me, and...I'd rather you not know it..."

This is killing me!