Friday, January 23, 2009

Reality Strike

This would not be an Honest blog without sharing... both sides of things.
Life isn't Always funny t-shirts, Ludacris songs and Surprise gifts.

Grad school, work, and extra-curricular things are catching up to us. I have seen more of Brooke and James this week than I have Jared. And Jared has probably seen Bob and Drew/other lab mates more than he has seen of me.
I would imagine that, in some regards, this is more...reality than anything.
But, we haven't had dinner together since... Last Sunday? In fact, I've had dinner alone M, W, Thursday, and Friday nights. hmmm.
The weird thing... it isn't out of a lack of friends or socialization. Wednesday evening Jared had tkd and I had friends over. We made chocolates and watch Chocolat!!! On Thursday night Jared had band practice and I had my usual Grey's Anatomy get-together (omg, wasn't that last one just heart-breaking!??!?!??!). Our schedules just don't seem to be meshing this semester.
jared is working on getting band practice moved to Tuesdays though (the night that I have night class). So maybe we'll at least have a Thursday night in there... sorry Grey's....

maybe we will just have to be extra-intentional about one:one weekend time.

Any other suggestions anyone??
(besides...embrace the alone-time/peace and quiet??? me, i do!)


In other news...
How cool of a mom am I that I....half-way along in this growing process, RIDE MY BIKE TO SCHOOL... Not even just ride my bike...rides my FIXIE in this weather!

(and that was today's ride home...not the morning...)
I will be honest, It is mostly because I do not have a parking pass this semester. But I am finding the silver lining in it. I'm getting a 6 mile bike ride in

...and there isn't much of a choice!! It is either that, to park in a commuter lot... walk to the bus stop, wait for the bus, walk to class.... which takes Longer than the 17minutes it takes to walk out the door...ride my bike...and get up to the 5th floor studio. And sure, I usually dread having to get on my bike in the cold, but after the first few minutes the good 'ol body warms up isn't so bad. In fact, its pretty damn wonderful. Gah! I LOVE riding my bike(s).
...I think if I ever found out my mom did that, I'd think it was pretty cool...
And I'm sure Jared will give me a ride on days it is pouring rain........ right jared? We'll see what....later in the spring brings...


Larry said...

Dear kim,
I'll comment, hell, it all jsut goes to a server somewhere, and in 100 years, they're gonna find all these servers and be like damn, we have this comment post, and only black and white photos fromt he WWII.

Shit, people are gonna lose interest in history, because it will be stupid! They'll be like well its pretty normal that theres a black guy in the white house, but hell prejudices have been going on for a long time. Look at black and white films, why cant we just stop drawing the line of separation between FFFFFF and 000000!!!

Anyway, Im trying to find a job. Headed to Boston for interviews with Raytheon soon. Hopefully things in the Quad Cities turn out well too.

Anonymous said...

you make it sound like hanging out with your truly isnt the most exciting thing youve ever done.

its ok, you can pretend that its not, but we really know how you feel.

Its dangerous business walking... said...

awww maaaayun! no no! it is WONDERFUL!! I love my time with you guys..!!!
You're just guilting me, now.. I see how it is.

Anonymous said...

i am guilting you!

ps, i voted girl. what do i get if I'M the one who wins? you had better text me the minute you find out. :)