Monday, January 5, 2009


So, here and there, Jared and I have received a few "firsts" for the ... currently tomato sized.... parasite.

From our dear friend Davy Crockett (yes, he is a direct descendent...) a monkey friend/pillow/blanket! Its sooo soft!! It is/was officially the first blanket!! Yaaaay Davy! (sorry its sideways)

From the wonderful KT... we have our FIRST clothing article... A Packers Onsie!! We'll raise it right, I promise......cheese and all! We'll even tell bed-time stories about Brett Favre...

Jared's grandma knit us some lover-ly booties!!! Never will our child have cold feet...for the first couple of months anyway....

From my parental unit - the first Nikes!!! HA! ...I think it was my mom cursing me for all of the times I was so picky about shoe buying. ...Thanks Mom! Stylish children are important...ish.

And its first Teddy Bear from a friend, Lisa!! Its suuuper soft, too!!! We'll have to come up with a good name for it. Maybe this one I'll let Jared give some... weird war-lord sort of name to... Bolteron or... Rontor-the-magic, griffin-tor, compu-tor?
THAT REMINDS ME. We haven't shared about how we plan to brainwash/confuse our child by telling it that things like "milk" are..."table" and that "table" is ..."lamp" ....and "lamp" is "chair" and "chair" is ...."book" so when it goes to public school it is...confused and when the teacher tells the students to sit in their chairs, our kid sits on his/her books. HA. brilliant.

Thanks Everyone!!!

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