Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Particular Procrastinatory Posting Predicament

I feel like Kim posts on here way more often, and more elegantly than I do,....so....that's sort of what catalyzed this post. I don't know right now what I am going to write even as I sit here and type it into the very keyboard that sits just right beneath my moving fingers. Well, it seems as though I have missed the elegant part, but at least, eet eez more often, no? That's what them beeg coompaneez do - quantity over quality. I mean...powdered cheese is delicious, even though it's probably not the greatest thing for you to eat. Think of my posts as powdered cheese - just add water...or something...where was I going with that?

On a side note, this looks awesome:

Cheese popcorn at the shake of a button...or...whatever.

Anyway, everything around here is settling into a routine, and it is bitterly, bitterly cold outside - freeze your eyelashes cold. Kim and I are back to school. I have band practices on Thursdays, though I want to change it to Tuesdays (and this week we are going to sacrifice band practice to go ice fishing....on the coldest day of the week, no less), taekwondo on MWF (I looooooooove taekwondo, though), Kim has night classes tonight (I want to be there when she gets home 'cause it's usually the other way around). I just checked on a recrystallization in the freezer and it resembles a long bout of diarrhea sprayed as an aerosol into a flask...and I don't want to clean it up, so I am sitting here looking at things on the internet and typing blog posts into the computer.


Bah! I'll go clean it up.....hold on.........as a late thought, I wish that I could have though of a great post topic like "one year ago...", but mine will probably be on the more corny side of things (they'll end up like this). I could write a reminiscing post...I thought of that, but then that would just be copying, and I don't want to be a copycat. I want to be original - want to know where I was one year ago, one phrasin it? I was going bald, okay, bald....and it's time I reimbaldened myself since my last full imbaldification a month ago.....maybe, if you're lucky (unlucky???), I will give some kind of meaningful post to follow this one up tonight - how lives change, or how come that cat won't come out of underneath the cabinets, or how the dog can't ever find his balls, or how Kim gets frustrated and hands over the controller for me to play the bonus stages in Donkey Kong (Nintendo skillz for the win =) ), or maybe even something about our housewarming/baby party that was awesome. In fact, there are even pictures I can use...........yes.............hmmmmmm..............but then I might just prep some food. Delicious delicious food.


-procrastination over-

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Its dangerous business walking... said...

I'll comment on your post, dear... so you don't develop a complex.

:) You do a very nice job, don't feel like you have to "keep up" or anything... you just keep doin' what you're doin'.