Sunday, January 25, 2009

Baby? or Beer Gut?

So... uuuh, jared and I DID get some nice time together this weekend... We even put (IKEA) dressers together in the bedroom! With that, I was able to put clothes away FINALLY.
During that process, I found this shirt that was originally purchased for wearing on fancy date nights out to the Demolition Derbies and Stock Car races. ...c'mon, just because I went and took me and gots a college educashion don't mean i left behind ma roots!!
So... we (successfully) thought it would be funny to take pictures with me in it NOW (it used to fit, you know...)... so that it looks like the little parasite is an A+ beer gut.

Luda liked how it looked... so much that he even asked me to dance. Of course, I said "yes."

hahahahaaa....maybe you had to be there.

1 comment:

Kris said...

The next time you ask me "are you sure I don't just look *fat*?", I will have to pause while I consider this picture.

And I always knew Luda liked his women with some curves....